In Granada, in the caves of the Sacromonte (Zambra de la Rocio and Maria la Canastera), he began to play flamenco. Later he played in the Tablaos Los Tarantos and Corral del Principe (flamenco clubs).

For three years he played with the flamenco dance-group Las Faronas. They appeared in numerous places of the province of Granada.

For five years he appeared in Europe with the singer Mati Gómez and the guitarist Falk Zenker.

He also appeared with the group of Mari Paz Lucena in a program for the German Television in Granada.

In Granada and Malaga he worked with the singer Juan José Heredia.

He can frequently be heard in the Tablaos, he travelled on the Canary Islands, he played three months with the quartet of Rafael Segura in Switzerland, and he travelled with the group of Rosario Peinado from Sevilla through Colombia.

In 1998, he started to work with the dance company of Chua Alba that introduces rhythm instruments of the Basques (Txalaparta) into the flamenco for the first time in its program Distintas.

In August 2001, he travelled with the group of Mari Paz Lucena to Japan, where he played daily for six months in the Tablao El Flamenco in Osaka.

In April 2002, he travelled across Morocco with Rosario Peinado.

In summer 2002 he worked with the group of Teresa Rojas on Ibiza (Balearic Islands).

At present, André plays with the group of Maria Cruz in the Tablao MORAYMA in Granada. In addition, he joins the company of Chua Alba and other local flamenco-groups.