Andrés D. Marvi
Constructor of guitars

Bernd Martin has been a guitar-maker since 1976. His instruments are custom built and purely hand-made. He acquired the Spanish craft techniques in the traditional workshops of Granada, before opening his own workshop in the historic Albayzin quarter.

Casita flamenca / Acento flamenco concerts

Chua Alba
Dancer and Teacher of flamenco

Cissy Strut
Blues with a funky soul

Cornelia Thielemann - La Minera
Dancer and Teacher of flamenco, Painter

Cuni Mantilla
flamenco / jazz / classical music

David García Sorroche
Sitio, espacio y mundo donde se refleja un poco lo que soy, donde se adivinan muchas de mis inquietudes, donde se puede apreciar en imagen y sonido de qué estoy hecho, donde todos estamos más cerca.

Having studied classical guitar and playing several instruments, he combines world music elements with modern experimental sounds based on a fine acoustic sound culture. At his live events he amalgamates his acoustic guitar with a plentitude of unusual instruments and live electronic music to groovy soundscapes.

Flamenco in Andalusia

Foundation of art Flamenco - Cristina Heeren

Flamenco lexicon

The Flamenco Dance and Gitarrist Duo, "Mar Y Arena" informs about their performance on their homepage. Check out their Album which has been produced by Jürgen Breustedt who also made available some MP3s samples of his songs.

Flamencoy más
"...Nos queamos flamencos..."

Guitar-Institut of Zehlendorf (Germany/Berlin/Zehlendorf)

Kai Narezo

María del Puerto
"Real teaching means to undress artistically and personally to offer all that you know, and to encourage those who learn with you to lay the grounds of their own style."
María del Puerto

Mundo Flamenco

Paco de Lucía
The official web-site of the artist

Rory Gallagher

Dance world Berlin - Marion Mayr
School of modern ballet and expression dance

Volker Höh, at present, one of the most interesting guitarists (Zupfmusikmagazin)

WWW of Flamenco